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Six Healthy Birth Practices

six healthy birth practices

Learn the evidence-based practices to help support your labor.

01Let labor begin on its own.

02Walk, move around, and change positions during labor.

03Bring a loved one, friend, or doula for continuous support.

04Avoid unnecessary interventions.

05Avoid giving birth on your back, follow your body’s urges to push.

06Keep mom and baby together.

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What’s included


6 Healthy Birth Practices

Learn more about these evidenced-based practices to help you have a better birth experience.


Informed Consent

Learn what it is and how you can ensure your voice is heard and decisions are made BY you and not FOR you,


Free Birth Planning Sheet!

Get a birth planning worksheet as well as a postpartum planning sheet so you can take what you learn and start applying it as soon as class is over!

The Six Healthy Birth Practices


This is a two-and-a-half-hour virtual class with a fifteen-minute break. Bring your favorite mug of goodness, a tall glass of water, and your favorite snacks! We will review labor positions so grab your yoga ball if you have one and any other comfort tools you plan to use!