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Birth and Postpartum Planning Classes

Birth Planning

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Every great journey starts with a plan.

This especially means your childbirth journey. Knowing what options are available to you, your birth partner, and your baby will help ease the anxiety of the unknown as you move toward bringing a new person into the world.

In these classes, you will identify the things you want, and don’t want when it comes to your childbirth journey. From prenatal testing to postpartum visits, you will feel more secure knowing not only what to expect, but how to navigate when things aren’t going the way you planned.

Birth Planning Class

Be ready for your labor

01Six Healthy Birth Practices: An Introduction

02Informed Decision Making: Questions to Ask to Help with Decisions

03Planning for a Vaginal Birth

04Planning for a Cesarean Birth

05Birth Options During Pregnancy, Birth, and Postpartum

06Newborn Options Postpartum

Postpartum Planning Class

Be ready to bring home baby

01Postpartum & Relationships

02Sex After Baby

03Postpartum Mood

04Immediate Postpartum for Mom & Baby

05Breastfeeding Basics

06Basic Newborn Care

the Choices

I currently offer private classes. Group classes coming soon!


Virtual with no more than five students.

Two and a half hour class with a 15-minute break.

Meet other moms on their birth planning journey.

private class

One-on-one instruction.

Can be done in-person at your home or virtual – totally up to you.

Get a more personalized experience!