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Throwing parties is my jam. I come from a big family so I’m used to having tons of people around me when I’m having a good time. When I first decided to start throwing annual parties, I searched for recipes that I thought would impress – and they did. Now I use recipes that are low maintenance because I learned it isn’t about how complex a recipe is, it’s all about how good it tastes. That and I don’t have the time or energy to pull on a full Martha Stewart for every shindig we have at the house. Here are 6 quick recipes for entertaining that you can use at your next gathering.

Easy Appetizers

Bowtie Alfredo: My pasta-loving friend gave me the craziest look when I told her I made this in my crockpot. She tried it for herself and was quite pleased with the flavor. It’s great to serve as an appetizer or main dish when entertaining. You can even whip this up for dinner. With this one, I admit there is some prep work, but it only involves browning your favorite sausage or other protein if you want to add some to the dish.

Cocktail Meatballs: Meatballs are a staple at all of my parties. They are easy to make and everyone loves them, including the little ones. You can make them with ground beef or turkey. Either way, they turn out great with hardly any prep.

Delicious No-Bake Desserts

Cheesecake: Once upon a time, we were stuck in our homes and I was desperate for a cheesecake recipe I could throw in the fridge for a couple of hours versus baking in the oven. After a long search on Google, I found the perfect recipe. You’re welcome.

Banana Split Cake: If you love a good banana split, this cake is right up your alley. It’s a no-fuss recipe with ingredients you actually recognize.

Simple Spirits

Caramel Apple Sangria: I happened upon this recipe during the first trick or treating journey in our new neighborhood (I love when neighbors have treats for the adults). I served it at our annual holiday party one year and it was such a hit it’s served at every fall/winter event we have.

Moscow Mule: I love breaking out my copper mugs to give folks the option to create Moscow mules. With three easy ingredients that you most likely keep in your bar anyway, it’s a fancy treat for your guests.

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