For a good number of us, being able to have a full day at the spa is more of a #goal than a regular occurrence. While I do try to find time for some serious pampering (I like to get a facial and/or pedicure every month) I also make sure to take advantage of any part of my day where I can do a little self-care. Here are some examples of how I turn even my everyday routine tasks into a spa treatment. Combine them together to create a spa day experience at home.

If you only have:

15 minutes – Try using a spa spray or tablet in your shower. I use a lavender and eucalyptus spray that turns my basic shower into a luxurious aromatherapy session. It really helps me relax and focus on my breathing.

30 minutes – Take a bath! Light a candle or two, grab a glass of wine and soak in something fabulous like a bath bomb or other natural soak ingredients. Not only will it help give your mind a break, it gives your body a break from all the hard core mom work you do.

 I make the most of nap times by taking care of myself. I’ll put on a clay mask, enjoy a bath, light candles, enjoy a glass of wine.

danielle – mom/Speech-Language Pathologist & Assistant Professor

45 minutes – Give yourself a mini-facial. It can be as simple as washing your face, throwing on a face mask and enjoying your favorite reality tv show while letting the mask do it’s thing or involve a full routine including a good facial steam and microdermabrasion treatment. Whatever you do, your skin will thank you for it.

60 minutes – If you are lucky enough to get a full hour to yourself, a good foot soak and pedicure can help you feel a little lighter on your feet when running errands or after little people. You don’t need to go all out, a few simple tools can give you a great result that rivals your nail salon, at least that’s what we aim for anyway.

90 minutes – To score a full hour and a half seems like a dream come true. Grab your favorite massager or heating pad, crank up your favorite essential oil, and relax in your favorite chair or on the couch. You can take this time to listen to your favorite podcast, playlist or meditation. Maybe even watch a rom-com on Netflix…

These are some ideas to help you be more conscious of finding ways throughout the day to give yourself a break from your supermom duties. If you have a full day, combine them. Remember, if you aren’t pouring into yourself, you are setting yourself up for burn out down the line. Even supermoms need downtime. Check out our guide, 30 days of self-care, to learn how you can begin your self-care journey.

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