Starting your day off with some gratitude affirmations is a great way to remind yourself of all the positive things you have in your life. When you repeat aloud affirmations of gratitude, you energize yourself and gain the courage to face the day and all of the adventures it may bring (and by adventures I mean little people). We will be going over later what the top five benefits of gratitude are, but let’s start with why we should practice gratitude in the first place!

Affirming your gratefulness helps you recognize that you can have what you most want and need in order to enjoy the life you deserve. Affirmations are easy to do and can take as little as a few minutes. By reflecting on the positive things in your life, you can turbocharge your day better than a rocket-fueled cup of coffee ever could.

Gratitude Affirmations and Stress

Once you’ve worked affirmations into your daily routine (you can say them anytime throughout the day or night) you’ll start to notice that the little things don’t bother you as much. When you have finally let it sink into your subconscious mind that you can have all that you need and desire, your stress will start to slip away. Your negative reactions are soothed and your stress starts to slip away. You can now enjoy peace of mind and a sense of calm that you may never have known before. So what are the top five benefits of gratitude?

Spending some time with positive affirmations, while appreciating all that you have and all that’s heading your way is one of the easiest “stress relief drugs” you’ll ever take with no side effects or copay. Showing your gratitude is also a great way to spread positive feelings in the world around you. It can mean the difference between having a shitty day and a not-so-shitty day. How do you feel when someone sincerely expresses his or her gratitude to you for something you did? Doesn’t it make you feel good about yourself? These positive feelings can lift you up, boost your enthusiasm, and motivate you to achieve even more.

Feeling grateful for what you have can produce the same good feelings and help keep you sane as you navigate the ups and downs of motherhood. This shows how gratitude can have some seriously positive snowball effects. Here are our top five benefits of gratitude:

  1. Reaching your goals. Yes, I know how cheesy that sounds, but when you feel grateful, it tends to be a lasting and selfless feeling. It’s much more than just a momentary burst of positive energy; it has staying power that will provide a great boost for you to reach your goals. Even if your goal is taking a shower that day.
  2. Strengthened relationships. There are many ways you can express your gratitude to your loved ones, including saying, “Thank you,” writing a letter, or giving them a thoughtful gift. When you learn to avoid taking your loved ones for granted, you’ll have a long-lasting and loving relationship. Showing gratitude is a two-way street. Learn how to effectively express your gratitude and, just as importantly, to receive it as well.
  3. Improved communication. Gratitude can mean better communication all around. By expressing your gratitude to strangers, they’ll be more likely to show an interest in helping you, too. And that makes a huge difference when you are running low on time and need someone to do you a solid so you can keep your schedule running smoothly.
  4. More effective constructive criticism. No matter how we express constructive criticism, it often makes the recipient defensive or even angry. No one likes a blow to the ego. In this situation, a grateful attitude can take you a long way. You can express criticism quite effectively when you also emphasize what you appreciate about them. Just imagine how great your kids will feel hearing what you appreciate about them versus only hearing what disappoints you!
  5. Preserving memories. You can preserve memories in a positive way when you keep a gratitude journal. You’ll be able to enjoy your memories again and again when you read about these happy times in the future.

Show Your Gratitude Every Day

Showing gratitude to yourself may seem like a selfish act, but it’s something that you benefit from. When you show your gratitude every day, you change the way you think. You’ll appreciate the good things in your life when you learn to focus the majority of your thoughts on remaining positive. Negative thoughts can be overwhelming (trust me, I know), and just because you have them doesn’t mean you’re a bad person. They happen to everyone, but you can work on keeping them at bay with the help of practicing gratitude.

One way to show your gratitude every day is to remind yourself of the big picture when a negative thought arises. If a petty argument with your partner or kid makes you feel angry and heated, take a deep breath and think for a moment. Remember that the argument is not permanent and, instead, feel grateful for the gift of this relationship. It will take some time to automatically switch this thinking on, but if I can get there I know anyone can!

Our days on this earth are numbered so we must cherish the time that we do have and enjoy the benefits of living each day as if it were our last. What do you have to be grateful for? Think about it and take advantage of these top five benefits of gratitude.

If you are looking for more ways to help work more gratitude and self-care into your everyday, check out my 30 days of self-care guide for moms where I have mom-specific affirmations along with a guide on how gratitude, affirmations, and small steps towards self-care can help you stay sane while trying to raise a human being (or two).

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