Terra Strong Lyons is hardly your typical pregnant person. With several businesses under her belt and a career as a performer in Los Angeles, she epitomizes the idea of a busy worker bee. When the COVID lockdown began, she was finally able to slow down enough to catch her breath. Enough, in fact, to share her story of how being pregnant during a pandemic has affected her journey being pregnant during a pandemic and a first-time mom.

How have things changed for you since being under a stay at home order? Being a performer and a realtor, my industries are pretty much shut down, or severely augmented right now, especially as a pregnant woman being that I have to be extra cautious. To be completely honest, it is such a relief that I don’t have very many responsibilities right now! I already feel so obsessed with my baby and my pregnancy that all I want to do is get ready to be a parent. The fact that I don’t have to go to work and I have an excuse not to be out of the house is really perfect timing for me!

What are you missing most because of the pandemic? The scary part is not being able to have in-person birthing or breastfeeding classes. And the possibility of not having a family at the hospital during my labor and birth. I also wish I could go to the gym every now and then. All in all, I am relieved that I can just focus this time on my family, my child, and my new mommy mindset.

How has the pandemic affected you as a business owner? I am nervous about the state of my finances after this pandemic. I am blessed to have a husband who provides financially for our family, but I’ve always been an independent woman and I want to set an example for my child. It’s not something I choose to be overly stressed about right now, but I do wonder about my ability to jump back into the workforce after a few months of being a mom.

Terra’s little one will make her debut soon and we can’t wait to meet her! To see more of Terra, follow her on IG, FB, or check out some of her most recent work. You can even hear more of Terra on the recently released Audiobook, Saving Ruby King by Catherine Adel West.

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