My passion is creating sacred spaces. 

As a mom of five, I understand the journey of pregnancy and the importance of creating a sacred space when bringing new life into the world.

I am also very aware of the maternity death rates for moms of color, which is why I decided to train and certify with an organization that specifically speaks to that demographic to help combat the disparities my community faces when it comes to birthing.


I pride myself on my education, both in the classroom and in life.


Trained Doula


Trained Childbirth Educator


Evidence Based Birth® Professional Member


Mom of five beautiful children, all with very unique birth stories!

why become a doula?

How it started

After giving birth to my last child, I knew I wanted to help others experience the joy I have felt every time I brought a new life into existence but wasn’t sure how. When I decided to leave the corporate workforce, I immediately began research on how to become a certified doula. Not only am I working towards my doula certification, I am also a Peanut Ball Ambassador as well as an Evidence Based Birth® Professional Member training to become a certified childbirth educator to provide even more information, resources and tools to my clients.

Angela Wynn

The birth journey can be confusing and sometimes anxiety-ridden if you don’t feel well-informed on what to expect or what your options are. That is where I come in – to help navigate your experience and make it a memorable one.

Earnest belief system

My Core Values

At the heart of my business is a foundation of core values, and I am happy to share them with you.


I believe in community

It truly takes a village and I would love to join yours.


I believe in empowerment

Giving you the tools necessary to make the best decisions when creating your birth plan.


I believe in humility

I would be honored to be chosen as a member of such a sacred space. I am here only as a guide – you are the expert when it comes to your birth plan.


I believe in the journey

Remembering each moment and feeling, learning as we go along.


I believe in doing the right thing

Integrity is at the heart of every decision I make and action I take.

Let’s create your sacred Space.