Meet Angela Wynn

Angela Wynn
Angela Wynn, Founding Editor

If you are reading this it means you are overwhelmed, and unfortunately that is the case for a lot of moms. Many of us suffer from the “supermom” ideal of having it all: marriage, kids, and career. But it’s impossible to “have it all” – at least at the same time – and having it “all” looks different for everyone, so why conform yourself to an ideal that doesn’t even relate to you?

As a mom of five kids ranging from toddler to teenager and an entrepreneur who happens to suffer from fibromyalgia, I’ve had to create ways to stay on top of raising my kids while managing my career – even through a pandemic. Wynning Motherhood is my way of helping other moms take back their day and have more time to practice self-care. From managing stress and anxiety to learning smart ways to trim the fat (literally) from your grocery budget, this blog has it all.

Wynning Motherhood is not about being the perfect mom. It’s about doing the best we can and knowing when it’s time to take care of ourselves so we can better care for our families. That’s how we win motherhood.

Take the first step in your self-care journey by downloading my FREE 30 Days of Self-Care Guide. You can’t pour from an empty cup, so let me show you how to keep it filled.

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